Saturday, December 12, 2009

Select 2009 Stories

Tune In, Start Up, Drop Out?
via - A story on the twenty-something founders of a site for college applicants,

How to Win a Business Plan Competition
via - A resource for people who are start-up curious, especially about the sometimes high-paying "b-plan circuit"

Ecomeme: Gene Flow & G.M.O.s
via - My weekly column on green tech and trends, this one about genetically modified foods

No Power Outlet, No Problem
via CNN Money - Green gadgets review of solar power-chargers

9 iPhone Apps For the Recession (humor-satire)
via - A list of fictional iPhone apps we could use in this economy

The Bird & The Bee
via - Q&A with the pop duo whose songs were featured in Grey's Anatomy and Sex & The City: The Movie